Wood pellets from Ukraine

Wood pellets from Ukraine


Ukrainian producer of wood pellets  offers for sale on the internal and export market wood pellets:

quality  — EN Plus A1 / EN Plus A2

diameter — 6 mm

Wood pellets Ukraine

Conditions of work with potential customers for supply of pellets


Possible delivery terms to work with us:

  • Delivery trucks on terms FCA, DAP
  • Delivery in containers on terms FOB, C&F


 Countries where we can deliver pellets:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • The Baltic countries

Possibility of delivery pellets in these countries is supported by our experience in supplying to countries such as Italy, France, CzechRepublic, the Baltic States, Poland


Types of packaging that we can offer our clients:

15 kg bags

  • 1 truck (21,60 mt netto weight) = 20 pallets on 72 bags (size of palates 1*1,2м)
  • 1 truck (21,78 mt  netto weight)  = 22 pallets on 66 bags (size of  palates 1*1,2м)
  • 1 container  40’F (26,145 mt  netto weight)  = 21 pallets on 83 bags (size of  palates 1*1,2м)
  • 1 container  40’F (27,390 mt  netto weight)  = 22 pallets on 83 bags (size of palates 90*1,10м)
  • Weight  of pallet  is 25 kg.

Big bags (per 1 t)

  • 1 truck = 22 Big-Bag  (without pallets)




Depending on the terms of delivery trucks can be yours or ours. And also in agreement with the client.


Features of supply under the contract in a month:

  • 100-200 tons of pellets in big bags
  • 100-200 tons of pellets in bags of 15 kg

Company is interested in long term cooperation with European companies that are looking for suppliers of wood pellets in Ukraine for a steady supply of pellets under annual contracts.


Our company is interested in working with large clients such as

  • trading companies
  • government structures
  • big stores
  • end-users with large amounts of consumption.


Production location

Ukraine, Zhytomyr region


How we work?


If you are looking for buying wood pellets in Ukraine, in the face of our company you will find a reliable supplier with experience in the European market.

For  start working with our company, please:

 make online application, where specify your company’s data and your needs, and our managers will contact you!